nxPortal is the modern local search platform for desktop which combines information with gamification of the search experience. Laid out as an attractive four-dimensional Internet portal, nxPortal adds time and events to local searches. Additional services create consumer loyalty by combining fun and entertainment with easily finding the business they are looking for. nxPortal includes an animated map-based search portal, which can be established and utilized by any directory publisher. nxPortal incorporates all of the ad data provided in the publisher’s systems and can incorporate images and videos, as well as geocodes, event calendars, opening times, keywords and other ad data.nxApp is the mobile version of nxPortal. The smartphone application is designed to help consumers find local businesses and more while they are on the move within the service area of your consumer directories. Users can search by name or category to see a list of relevant businesses or view them on a map, relative to the user’s current location. If a GPS sensor is available, it can be used to refine the positioning.