nxPowerPac™ is the only solution in the market that integrates the automatic generation of personalized proposals with a workflow engine that adapts the presentation to an advertiser’s needs and responses in real time during the presentation. This unique two screen approach helps your media consultants build and deliver a successful presentation every time! The consultation becomes an event for both the customer as well as the media consultant.nxPowerPac™ creates personalized recommendations and ads, focusing on an increase of customer exposure across all relevant media. The solution takes into consideration the customer history, competitors, different ad sizes for online, print and mobile media and video options, and automatically produces different bundle options for each customer.Two touch-screens, respectively facing the media consultant and the advertiser, enable the paradigm-shifting approach to the sales experience; the software and two screens promote an interactive and lively presentation that vastly transcends the spoken word. Result: a prospective client sees his feedback materialize during the presentation in front of his eyes.nxPowerPac™ simplifies sales activity tasks and brings valuable insight to guide the selling process and enhance the sales force productivity.